Members are encouraged to take an active role in our chapter in order to advance themselves professionally and personally. Committee chairs are appointed annually from the general membership at the beginning of each FAWL year. Committee members can be added throughout the year. If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact the director or committee chair for your chosen committee.
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Justice Pariente Judicial Reception Committee

Community Service/Pro Bono

This committee is responsible for developing volunteer projects for our members who wish to get involved with the local community. This committee will continue to participate in the Race for the Cure and will possibly expand into projects with Habitat for Humanity. In addition, this committee plans to partner up with a Palm Beach County domestic violence shelter to assist abused women in protecting their rights and reclaiming their lives. At least five additional members of the General Membership are needed.

Donna Krusbe


Diversity & Inclusion

Working Parents Committee

This committee is responsible for coordinating our special event lunch in April with the Programming Director and planning other working parent/child activities through out the year so as to support working mothers (and fathers) in the legal community. At least two members of the General Membership are needed.


Law Week and Constitution Day

Board Certification Boot Camp


Hershley Oge


PACE Book Club

Web / Public Relations

Grant Committee

PBC CBWLA Coordinator

Award Nominations

Young Lawyers Section